GTX 460 (768MB) vs HD 5830 Performance Shootout

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  1. Ocre says:

    Great article to show the gtx 460 dominance. The 460 would be the better buy if both cards were in the same price range but today……..

    While the hd5830 currently is in the $170-$180 range, the gtx 460 768mb is actually $140 to $150 on Newegg right now. These ones are clocked like the one in this review. You can actually get highly overclocked models for $160 and up which would be that much better than the hd5830. Right now Nvidia is untouchable with this price/performance segment. Its unbelievable.

    So if you thought this was great news and a useful article you now are informed it gets even better as the gtx460 768mb cost up to 25% less than the hd5830 while consistently outperforming it as shown in this review.

  2. Leon Hyman says:

    I have posted an update in the conclusion of this article. The GTX 460 (768MB) definitely takes this contest and with those much cheaper prices, does so with one hand tied behind its back.

  3. Miguel says:

    at the moment, I could get a 5830 for about $30 less than a gtx 460 768mb. Which one should I go for? I think i’m going for the 5830 because i’m on a tight budget. does anyone thing I should get the gtx 460 instead? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hugo Barrera says:

    Hermoso trabajo, la verdad me sacaron de un apuro nya que estaba por cambiar mi GTX640 Gigabyte por una HD5830 XFX pero con esto tengo un comentario mas a favor de la GTX460.

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