Microsoft issues Hotfix for low ATI Crossfire Performance

Microsoft has issued a hotfix which may be a possible answer to your performance woes if you own an ATI HD4870x2 or HD3870x2 card. According to Microsoft this issue happens according to the following scenario

  • You have a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista Service Pack 1.
  • The computer is equipped with Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Express Interface slots.
  • Active State Power Management (ASPM) is enabled in the computer’s BIOS setup.
  • The computer is installed with ATI HD3870x2, ATI HD4870x2 hardware, or other hardware that has a PLX Technology Inc. PEX 8647-AB PCI Express switch.

The system may show low graphics performance, and occasionally the system or certain applications may respond slowly or may not respond at all.

Head on here to download the hotfix.

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