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The GeForce Experience 2.0

Today, NVIDIA along with the 337.50 Beta Driver, has released the GeForce Experience 2.0.  The GeForce Experience 2.0 brings three important new features that everyone should be excited about. First off, the GeForce Experience...


G-SYNC First Impressions

I have had G-SYNC for a few weeks and I wanted to give my opinion of it.  G-SYNC is NVIDIA’s new monitor technology that eliminates stutter, tearing, and reduces input lag. It’s a hard...

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Titanfall Alpha Gameplay Leaks

Respawn Entertainment announced Titanfall  at E3 2013 and made it the most anticipated Xbox One exclusive. Respawn Entertainment was formed after Jason West and Vince Zampella, heads of Infinity Ward, were ousted from Activision. The studio is...