Bulldozer “Zambezi” FX-8150 twenty Game Benchmarks with CrossFire vs. Phenom II and Core i7

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  1. Crazylocha says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. Bummers to hear about board.

    Am especially interested to see detailed Fritz results (and info on version). I think you may be the only one I know of to use one of the most taxing(cpu wise) programs that thread batters like no other.

    Any chance to see complete details on all equipment used?

    Especially thanks for keeping open minded about results until they are all in.
    Looking forward to your conclusions.

  2. apoppin says:

    My complete evaluation should be up late tonight with all the details including the complete listing of all of the Hardware. There is a Typo in the chart that needs to be fixed in the final article – I used HD 6970 CrossFire – not HD 6870.

    Also recognize that we believe that there are real scaling issues with CrossFire and the AM3+ MB. For Part two of this Bulldozer evaluation, we will again do a clean install of Win 7 on a newer MB BIOS and also set up a Nvidia HDD with GTX 580 and GTX 580 SLI.

  3. Drake says:

    Glad to sell the i7 920 doing so well. Though for the scaling, seems right. I went from a q9550 @ 3.6 (780i sucks) with 2 gtx470’s to a i7 920 @4.2ghz and i saw massive improvements. Could be that the 780i chipset and the fsb was holding the cards back, but I did gain a whole 10k in 3dmark vantage. Clock for clock the i7 2600k didnt seem to be as much of a jump in sli gaming performance. I do think that lga2011 will make tri sli/fire alot better though. BTW a q9550 (yorkfield) is faster clock for clock then phenom 955 (deneb. On a ud3p board i got my q9550 upto 4.2ghz and that chip is from 08 so its kinda sad to see amd still kicking out chips that perform like like core2 based products.

  4. mactac says:

    Hi, which Board, Memory and Bios for Board and Driver do you use?

  5. apoppin says:

    Hi. Look at the finished article just above this one on the main page:
    AMD’s FX-8150 vs. Core i7 & Phenom II – Bulldozer Arrives!

    The BIOS tested with was the shipping BIOS; the same one that AMD did their internal testing on.

    I have already begun testing for Part two and it will include SLI to see what went wrong with CrossFire scaling on the AM3+ MB.

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