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  In Win Shows Off $5,000 Z Tower Case
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 06-06-2018, 07:58 AM - Forum: General Hardware - No Replies

Leave it to In Win to make cases that are works of art.

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  Gigabyte Shows Off Fish Tank Case Mod
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 06-05-2018, 11:34 PM - Forum: General Hardware - No Replies


Quote:There’s no protective barrier separating the 3M liquid below from the water and the fish above it. But the density of the cooling liquid keeps the fish (and their leavings) safely in the water above, and a carbon filter system installed on the side keeps the environment clean, just like any other aquarium setup.

To further ensure the safety of the fish (and the submerged PC, we suppose), a custom cooling system using a trio of in-line CPU coolers pumps the 3M liquid out of the system for cooling and temperature monitoring, making sure the water above the liquid remains an optimal temperature for the fish living above. If the 3M liquid got too hot, it would turn into a gas and bubble up through the water. That would probably be bad for our finned friends, but the water would likely heat up to deadly levels before that happened anyway. Let’s hope Gigabyte was extra careful about choosing reliable components for this setup.

We’re always wary of situations like this where animals could be subjected to unhealthy or dangerous conditions for the sake of some wow-factor at a tech trade show. But we were told by Gigabyte that these fish had been living happily in their unusual home for two months so far, and that not a single swimming resident had died.

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  EVGA Makes LN2 Closed Loop Cooling
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 06-05-2018, 08:45 AM - Forum: General Hardware - No Replies


Quote:At EVGA’s headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan, GamersNexus received a hands-on overview of the company’s new semi-closed loop liquid nitrogen cooling setup. The setup was created by K|NGP|N and TiN, both of whom work in the Taiwan office, to increase overclocking efficiency and reduce LN2 usage to only necessary quantities. Typically, extreme overclocking involves manual pouring of liquid nitrogen (LN2) from a thermos, which the overclocker can either manually refill from the LN2 tanks or can refill from the exhaust. With this new system, K|NGP|N is able to circulate LN2 based upon software input of desired temperatures, with used LN2 getting pushed through a series of flexible steel tubing and out of an exit manifold. The result yields somewhat reusable LN2 and eliminates the hands-on thermos pouring element of XOCing, allowing overclockers to focus on the result and tuning. Theoretically, you could run off of large LN2 tanks (~180L) at conservative temperatures for weeks on end, then swap tanks and use the collected “runoff.”
It's not exactly a consumer product – EVGA did have over 300 liters of LN2 flanking a full desktop, after all – but it’s an excellent showcase of engineering talent. This is an extreme version of enthusiast DIY.

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  Jensen Q&A At Computex
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 06-04-2018, 10:19 PM - Forum: Video - Replies (1)


Quote:1:50AM ET: Jensen is recapping, opening the floor for questions. No next-gen GPU announcement yet.

1:55AM ET: Q. Is the processor in Jetson the same as Xavier? A. Yes, similar architectures for Jetson, Xavier, Pegasus, HGX-2, DGX-2. Insures  end-to-end architecture that eases programming.

1:50AM ET: Q. Which is better, PUBG or Fortnite? A. Jensen says both are great.

1:50AM ET: Q. Is GPU supply normalizing? A. Yes, supply has stabilized.

2:02AM ET: Q. How long until autonomous machines come to market, and what excites you the most? A. Autonomous vehicles are the first wave, will reduce accidents.

2:06AM ET: Q. When will real time ray tracing come to the mainstream? Still requires four Volta V100's to run now. A. Will take some time to shrink the compute power down to a smaller device. Game developers and film editors can use this now to speed image production, eventually it will come to the mass market.

2:10AM ET: Q. Hint when we might be able to run 4K 120Hz on a single card? A. Jensen could predict it, but he won't.

2:11AM ET: Q. When is the next GeForce coming to market? A. A long time from now. Jensen promises he will invite us out for the launch.

2:13AM ET: Q. The industry is moving towards heterogeneous CPU+GPU processing. Where does that leave Nvidia? A. Huang says that the best ratio of CPU and GPU compute changes based on the workload, so disaggregating the two resources is best.

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  ASUS H370 Motherboard with 20 GPU chips
Posted by: dmcowen674 - 06-02-2018, 06:07 PM - Forum: Cryptocurrency Mining - Replies (2)

New 20 GPU Motherboard – The Asus H370 Mining Master

The new mining motherboard is called Asus H370 Mining Master and comes with support for up to 20 GPUs using direct PCIe over USB connections. The presence of USB connectors directly fitted on the motherboard simplifies connectivity by letting USB riser cables plug directly into the PCB and this direct connection is sturdier than using a PCIe card, with less chance of inadvertent disconnects, and it also reduces the total number of parts in your rig.

You may notice that aside the 20 USB 3.0 connectors on the motherboard there is also a single PCI-E x16 slot, however this does not mean you are able to have a 21st GPU. The PCI-E x16 slot and the first USB 3.0 connector are labeled A01 and that share the same PCI-E lane, so you can have only one of them working with a GPU, not both at the same time.

The Asus H370 Mining Master motherboard includes a suite of diagnostic features designed to make your farm easier to diagnose and manage in case of problems. 

The updated State Detection GUI clearly identifies the location and status of each port along with the alphanumeric code that identifies it. To further streamline troubleshooting, the board will ship with matching alphanumeric labels to stick onto corresponding riser cards. You’ll be able to quickly look at the labels to find flagged GPUs instead of being forced to trace the path of cables connected to affected ports. 

Just like the predecessor B250 Mining Expert the new H370 Mining Master comes with a trio of 24-pin primary power supply connectors, so you can connect to up to three PSUs simultaneously. Each one is tied to a separate bank of riser ports, allowing you to scale up the number of GPUs gradually and add more power as needed. Some motherboards require modifications and special startup sequences to run on multiple PSUs, but the Master is tailored for the task. All that’s required is for the PCIe power connector on each graphics cards to be plugged into the same power supply as the corresponding riser port.

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  Nvidia At Hot Chips Discussion Thread
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 06-01-2018, 12:59 AM - Forum: Video - No Replies


Quote:Looking at the Hot Chips' Symposium program, the detailed section for the first day of the conference, in August 20th, lists a talk by NVIDIA's Stuart Oberman, titled "NVIDIA's Next Generation Mainstream GPU". This likely means exactly as it reads, and is an introduction to NVIDIA's next-generation computing solution under its gaming GeForce brand - or it could be an announcement, though a Hot Chips Symposium for that seems slightly off the mark. You can check the symposium's schedule on the source link - there are some interesting subjects there, such as Intel's "High Performance Graphics solutions in thin and light mobile form factors" - which could see talks of the Intel-AMD collaboration in Kaby Lake G, and possibly of the work being done on Intel's own work on high-performance graphics technologies (with many of AMD's own RTG veterans, of course).

Quote:The annual Hot Chips conference is where the industry gathers to hear deep dives about the highest-performing silicon for a range of applications, and Nvidia appears poised to present information about its next gaming graphics chip at 2018's symposium. The conference will run from August 20 to August 21 this year, and part of the proceedings on day one of the event include a presentation by the green team called "Nvidia's Next Generation Mainstream GPU," given by vice-president of GPU ASIC engineering Stuart Oberman.

That date suggests Nvidia will tease or launch its next-generation gaming chip earlier in the summer, a possibility corroborated by reports from Tom's Hardware that the green team plans to launch purported Turing cards in July of this year. The site's sources suggest Founders Edition Turing cards could get a hard launch in July, while partner cards with the new silicon could launch in August or September.

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  Intel Announces CPU Which Turbo Boosts To 5 GHz
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 05-30-2018, 09:20 PM - Forum: General Hardware - Replies (4)


Quote:Intel is commemorating 40 years of its 8086 processor, the spiritual ancestor of the x86 machine architecture that rules modern computing, with a special edition socket LGA1151 processor, dubbed Core i7-8086K. The chip appears to feature a nominal clock speed of 4.00 GHz, with a maximum Turbo Boost frequency of 5.00 GHz, making it the first mainstream desktop processor from Intel to hit the 5.00 GHz mark, out of the box.

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  Apple Was Aware of iPhone 6 Bendgate Before Launch
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 05-26-2018, 03:04 AM - Forum: Smart Phones - No Replies


Quote:Apple has a history of pretending nothing is wrong with its products when it’s obvious to all outside observers that there’s something very, very wrong. Such was the case back in the days of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus when buyers claimed the phones bent too easily. Later, many owners had issues with so-called “touch disease” when the phones would stop responding to touches. Apple denied these problems were widespread. Newly revealed documents suggest that not only was Apple aware, but it was actively working on engineering changes to mitigate the issues. All the while, it continued gaslighting iPhone owners.

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  GOG Unreal Gold Giveaway
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 05-23-2018, 01:38 AM - Forum: Hot Deals & Bargains - No Replies

It's good for the next 48 hours.

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  Google Virtually Ends "Don't Be Evil"
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 05-22-2018, 08:40 PM - Forum: Technology News - No Replies


Quote:Google released an updated code of conduct, which for the first time in almost two decades removed almost all mentions of its “Don't be evil” mantra. The code of conduct embodies a company's values, principles, and ideals, so removing the "Don't be evil" motto from the code may give us a hint towards the direction in which Google is going.
The new code of conduct no longer centers around this motto, making almost no mention of it, except in passing at the very end of the multi-page document.
In an older TED talk, Simon Sinek, a marketing consultant and author of “Start with Why,” raised the issue of companies needing to give their customers and users something in which to believe - a purpose that aligns with its user base’ motives and ideals. He argued that this is what pushes everyone, both employees and customers to make the company truly great.

This is what makes a company such as Apple so loved by its customer base, and it’s what has made many love Google for its “Don’t Be Evil” ideals in the past. All of that could be in jeopardy, if Google plans to renounce its "Don't be evil" ideal.

We’re already seeing how the company’s “cool new technologies” are no longer received with just praise and optimism, but also heavy criticism and skepticism. This trend could worsen to Google's detriment if more people start believing that the company is no longer looking after them or trying to do good with its technology, but just willing to do anything to chase a profit.

Don't be evil has been Google's corporate identity for the longest time, but now that's no longer true. Whether or not we'll like this new Google that can't commit to not being evil anymore remains to be seen, but some of its latest moves already point to an increasingly worrying direction for the company.

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