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  HDMI 2.1 Variable Refresh Rate
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 01-05-2017, 10:04 PM - Forum: General Hardware - No Replies


Quote:Version 2.1 of the HDMI Specification is backward compatible with earlier versions of the specification, and it also introduces an interesting new mode: Game Mode VRR, which by itself supports variable refresh rate, which "enables a 3D graphics processor to display the image at the moment it is rendered for more fluid and better detailed gameplay, and for reducing or eliminating lag, stutter, and frame tearing." This new Game mode spec, which is similar to the G-Sync and FreeSync technologies already available, will also apparently work with both PCs and consoles.

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  1-4-2017 Upgraded Tapatalk to Rev 4.5.6
Posted by: dmcowen674 - 01-05-2017, 06:12 AM - Forum: Everything AlienBabelTech - No Replies

1-4-2017 Upgraded Tapatalk to Rev 4.5.6

Let me know if there are any issues

Kept getting the E-mail below complaining the running version is too old:

We noticed that there is a minor issue with the Tapatalk setup in your site that prevents the app from working optimally.

Issues were caused by

        ●  Plugin expired (or too old)

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  Kaby Lake Review
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 01-03-2017, 10:07 PM - Forum: General Hardware - Replies (4)


Quote:The Core i7-7700K we’ll be reviewing today has a base clock of 4.2GHz and a maximum turbo frequency of 4.5GHz (our chip topped out at 4.4GHz under full load). That compares well against the Core i7-6700K (4GHz base, 4.2GHz Turbo), particularly since our 6700K refused to budge above 4GHz under load, despite plenty of thermal and power headroom.

On paper, the Core i7-7700K is only 5% and 7% faster than the 6700K in terms of base clock and turbo clock, but the practical results we saw showed a larger clock gap in practice. Intel’s other 7th generation SKUs show slightly larger gaps — the Core i5-7600K (3.8GHz base, 4.2GHz Turbo) has a 9% higher base clock and an 8% higher boost clock than the Core i5-6600K (3.5GHz base, 3.9GHz Turbo). This trend holds true even at lower TDPs, the Core i5-7400T has a 35W TDP, a base clock of 2.4GHz, and a max boost clock of 3GHz. The 6400T, in contrast, has a 2.2GHz base clock and a 2.8GHz boost clock.
As much as I’d like to write something exciting about the Core i7-7700K, everything I can think of qualifies as damning with faint praise. It’s a solid CPU core with some modest clock speed improvements, a few new media engine capabilities, and a slightly improved power consumption curve. If you’re really wanting to build a 4K-capable HTPC with the ability to stream 4K content via Netflix, 7th Generation Core chips are definitely the way to go, and we’re downright curious about the upcoming Core i3-7350K.

But the hard truth is, Intel’s “Optimization” step doesn’t seem to have delivered all that much in the way of concrete benefits. Best-case, Kaby Lake is about 10% faster than Skylake in a modestly improved power envelope. Considering that Skylake launched 18 months ago now, that’s not much improvement to deliver given how much time has passed. And Intel, which has a long history of launching its less-impressive chips on weird dates and times (the original Socket 478 iteration of Prescott launched on Super Bowl Sunday, 2004) undoubtedly knows it. Launching a chip this early in the year means that journalists who might have enjoyed spending time with family and friends had to work overtime to get the review done, given that CES kicks off on January 5.

Last week, a rumor spread that Intel was working on a new x86 architecture. I have no inside information on whether this is true, but Intel’s CPU performance improvements have been limited to small year-on-year gains since Sandy Bridge launched in 2011. Much of this is due to physics being a great deal less cooperative, and if you compare Intel’s performance in the 15W – 35W space the company has delivered much larger gains. That’s not much comfort to desktop die-hards who remember when you could count on a new CPU delivering 2x the performance of your last CPU within 24-36 months, and it wouldn’t surprise me at this point if Intel was working on a new clean-sheet design.

The Z270 chipset is solid, the Asus Strix Z270E Gaming is a great motherboard, GSkill’s DDR4-3200 worked flawlessly with every motherboard we tested, Optane may deliver some game-changing performance in the future, and if you need a new CPU after holding off on upgrading for several years, there’s no reason not to upgrade to the Core i7-7700K. That is, of course, unless you’d like to see what AMD is going to deliver with Ryzen this quarter. Given the cost of buying new RAM, new motherboards, and a new CPU, there’s a good argument to be made for waiting and seeing a little longer.

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  Nvidia Goofs Up Multi-Res Shading
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 01-02-2017, 01:56 AM - Forum: Video - No Replies


Quote:effects disappear as well, and aliasing appears clearly on the image's borders when we use the most aggressive MRS mode. Check the blade of the sword, for example. The contours of the image are more blurry, especially with MRS turned up.

Here again, lens flares disappear as soon as MRS is activated. The halo of light level with the hole in the cave, towards the upper-left, is only visible if MRS is turned off. The borders of the puddle of water are blurry when MRS is cranked up. The mud stain just in front of the bridge partially disappears, even though it is located at the center of the image and therefore shouldn't be affected at all.

The difference with respect to reflections on the body of the vehicle in the foreground is flagrant, with MRS imposing inferior quality. The ambient lighting of the scene is lower with MRS active, and the character to the right is pixelated when we use the aggressive MRS mode.

By removing numerous lighting effects (reflections, refractions, diffractions, scattering…), even at the center of the frame, MRS noticeably degrades the visual quality of this scene and strongly diminishes ambient lighting. The hologram to the right is particularly pixelated in the higher MRS mode.
While Multi-Res Shading has a negative impact on visual quality that cannot be ignored, at least in this specific implementation, performance gains attributable to the feature are quantifiable. The improvement is supposed to be greater with Pascal than Maxwell, but our measurements don't appear to support this: the GeForce GTX 970 benefits very well (except in 4K) with the same visuals.
Our only disappointment is that the technology as it's exposed in Shadow Warrior 2 isn't happy with just degrading the peripheral image's resolution. It also removes some components, which also affects the scene's quality right in the middle of your screen, where it's supposed to be untouched. In the end, it is far from the screen captures provided by Nvidia.
This option will come in useful in specific cases, though. Take our results at 1440p, for example. A resolution like 1080p doesn't tax mid-range graphics cards enough to make the visual degradation worthwhile, and the GeForce GTX 970 and 1060 aren't fast enough to play at 4K, even with MRS. In the end, we recommend against using the more aggressive MRS mode because it impacts graphics quality too negatively for our liking.

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  LTT Video On Intel CPU Stagnation
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 01-01-2017, 08:55 AM - Forum: General Hardware - Replies (2)

A very interesting look at how far we've come, and how long we've stagnated. Note his remarks at the end about what's responsible.

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  Zotac GTX 1080 Mini
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 12-31-2016, 05:27 AM - Forum: Video - Replies (5)

Yay. It's about time we got a mini card that is just one step down from the top of the line. Edit: My mistake, the ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU Mini was one step down from the top of the line.
[Image: r_600x450.jpg]

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  Future Windows 10 Gaming Mode
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 12-28-2016, 11:52 PM - Forum: Software & Programming - Replies (7)


Quote:The omniscient and enigmatic WalkingCat (@h0x0d) was first to spot the existence of a 'gamemode.dll' file in Windows 10 build 14997, which leaked earlier this week. According to the nomadic feline, Windows 10's Game Mode "will adjust its resource allocation logic (for CPU/Gfx etc.) to prioritize" the game being played.

To put this in simpler terms, it appears that Game Mode will optimize the entire OS around the game that you're playing. Operations that aren't essential to ensure the best gameplay performance and stability would be 'deprioritized', while more system resources are dedicated to boost the gaming experience.

There's still a great deal that we don't know about this new feature, including when it's expected to become a fully integrated part of the OS. While the Game Mode file is in the latest internal builds, the feature isn't actually working yet, and Microsoft has made no announcements about its plans to enable it.

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  Happy Birthday Dave!
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 12-22-2016, 06:45 AM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (5)

Thanks for keeping this place going.

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  AMD New Horizon Event Live Blog
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 12-14-2016, 03:00 AM - Forum: General Hardware - Replies (25)

And we're off!

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  Comcast raises Broadcast and Sports Fee $48
Posted by: dmcowen674 - 12-13-2016, 05:41 AM - Forum: News & Politics - Replies (2)


Comcast Raises Controversial 'Broadcast TV' and 'Sports' Fees $48 Per Year

Comcast began charging these fees a few years ago, which have risen quickly. Just over a year ago, Comcast raised the Broadcast TV fee from $3 to $5 and the Regional Sports fee from $1 to $3. The two fees have thus gone from $4 to $12, combined, in little more than a year. Comcast customers recently sued the company, saying that Comcast falsely advertises lower-than-actual prices and then raises rates by tacking on these two fees.

Comcast falsely portrays these fees as being required by the government, the proposed class action lawsuit said. Charter is facing a similar lawsuit. Comcast says the fees recover a portion of the price it pays broadcast networks and regional sports networks to air their content. But paying for programming is simply part of the cost of doing business as a cable TV provider, and programming costs have always been passed on to consumers in their cable TV bills. By charging fees separately from basic rates, "Comcast has found a way to secretly and repeatedly increase the monthly price it charges for its channel packages" even when customers are supposed to be getting a flat rate during a contract term, the lawsuit said.

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