Abit Calls it Quits

According to Hexus.net, ABit’s sales and marketing operations have ceased. Marketing director Thore Welling sent them an email this morning in which he said:

“After 20 years in the market the abit brand now bids farewell, so it’s also time for me now to lock the doors of the marketing department. That’s it for good now.”

We know that Abit was exiting the mainboard market as of the end of last Summer. Their original plan was to move into the consumer electronics market but the global recession has evidently ended their plans. It appears that Abit’s parent company USI decided to pull the plug and so Abit is now in the process of liquidation to be completed in about a month.  Abit has stopped selling all of its products to just handle warranties until then.

It is sad to seem them go out of business.  I remember their heyday and their superb overclocking motherboards from Pentium 4 days.

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  1. Denithor says:

    Really hate to see this happen, I loved both my IP35-E and IP35 Pro boards. And I also used a few boards from abit back in the P4 days with excellent performance as I recall.


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