An Upgraders Guide – from 8800-GTX to GTX 650 Ti BOOST (Pt. 2)

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  1. AlienBabelTech_1 says:

    Do you get this hate mail also? It is not fit for any publication

  2. NoName NoName says:

    This site sucks :-)

  3. Incorrect says:

    Hi, i’m an owner of a gtx 8800 and i can tell you that at a resolution of 1680×1080 it can still run like hell in dx9/10 with latest games at hight setting, Skyrim run at 35-60 fps with very hight settings, Battleforge stay always over 50 fps… all detail maxed out… and many other games can still works fine.
    I don’t understand how you obtained similar results with your gtx 8800, but mine is still a beast… with performance really similar at the gtx 650 ti (that i own on my third pc at work).

  4. Owner says:

    Also have GeForce 8800GTS 512MB G92 128sp 256bit and can say that still rocks. Planing to change cpu from E8400 to i7 4790S 3.2GHz Haswell-Refresh and plus to overclock a little bit GPU so I think in games it will give me +5fps more, so I dont really see why I have to change old good 8800 :) My monitor hangs max 1280×1024 resolution, for it 8800 is still make things done at good level.

  5. Got two 9600GTs in here… Maxing out Crysis on everything Ultra on 1366×768…playing every other game fluid (except anno 2070 and that only on Ultra Level aswell 20-35 FPS) …dont know whats with These benchmarks

  6. Brittany says:

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