Catalyst 11.10 Performance Analysis – vs. GeForce 285.62

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  1. Rick says:

    Could you possibly include single cards from for example the HD4000 and GT200 series in the next test, with a comparison with the latest drivers you tested for those series?

    Apart from showing users with those cards if the drivers are worth updating or not, it also gives a good indication about how much AMD/Nvidia strives to improve performance on their older cards

  2. apoppin says:

    I’ll try. It is a matter of time pressure. The driver test needs to be current to be relevant. We realize that a lot of gamers are using HD 4000 and GTX 200 series.

  3. Rick says:

    Thanks for answering!

    Would be great if you could manage getting them in there to show us how much later drivers matter for older series, especially since the release notes are very focused on the newer cards right now

    I understand that it takes alot of time to make these benchmark comparisons and I’m really thankful that you take your time making them, I appreciate them alot

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