CM Storm Deploys The Scout

cm storm scout CM Storm Deploys The Scout

Cooler Master has now globally deployed the CM Storm Scout. It has been billed as the True Gaming Chassis with Swift Intelligence and Secure Mobilization. The scout has also been heavily injected with Storm Tactics. These were explained in a previous news article, Presenting Cooler Master Storm.


scout 01 155x300 CM Storm Deploys The Scout

Front View


The Scout is made from steel and is equipped with a 140mm front intake fan. Another 140mm fan is mounted at the top and a rear 120mm for exhaust. This provides accurate airflow, efficiently managing the heat from gaming hardware.

scout 02 159x300 CM Storm Deploys The Scout

Rear View

scout 04 300x286 CM Storm Deploys The Scout

Left Side Panel

The window side panel comes with automotive tint and is aggressively styled. There are two mounting locations for optional 120mm fans that would take care of the thermal hotspots inside then case, CPU and GPU(s).


scout 10 1 300x195 CM Storm Deploys The Scout

Left Side Open


stormguard CM Storm Deploys The Scout


The Scout also possesses the patented StormGuard accessory. This is a unique solution for CM Storm and basically it is a specially designed PCI-bracket located at the rear of the chassis. It is used to firmly secure the wires from your peripherals such as your mouse, keyboard and headset. This is ideal for LAN-party environments, where not everyone will look but don’t touch.


scout 08 231x300 CM Storm Deploys The Scout

Secure Mobilization

The feature that grabs the most attention on the Scout would have to be its sturdy, reinforced carrying handles on the top of the chassis. Secure Mobilization never sounded or looked so good.


scout 07 195x300 CM Storm Deploys The Scout

Front I/O Panel

At the front of the case you will find the I/O panel which offers extensive connectivity through eSATA, FireWire, HD Audio and all of four USB 2.0 ports. It also boasts an integrated LED-switch that gives you the flexibility to decide whether or not to show off the red lights that illuminate the slick all-black interior of the Scout.

scout 05 300x284 CM Storm Deploys The Scout

Inside Left

The internal layout also provides great flexibility. There are five 3.5” and four 5.25” drive bays. The Scout fully supports the use of 1.8” or 2.5” Solid State Disks (SSDs). There are many cable management options to facilitate bottom mounted Power Supply Units (PSUs). Having a PSU mounted on the bottom of the case, lowers the center of gravity and adds even more stability to the physical setup.



scout 06 300x297 CM Storm Deploys The Scout

Inside Right

The motherboard tray has a large cut-out area that gives easy access to CPU-cooler retention plates and this makes it a very simple task to switch out coolers. However, the tray is not removable.

scout 12 300x225 CM Storm Deploys The Scout

Hard Drive Bays Showing Tool-free Design

scout 13 300x232 CM Storm Deploys The Scout

Optical Drive Bays Showing Tool-free Design

Cooler Master continues to be inventive and innovative in what they do and continue to deliver great options to consumers. To find out more about the CM Storm line, check them out at


scout 14 246x300 CM Storm Deploys The Scout

CM Storm Scout


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