CM STORM Sentinel Advance Review

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  1. bimmerboy79 says:

    hmm, so i wonder will my logitech g5 be de-throned. we’ll see…

  2. Leon Hyman says:

    Personally, I think it has already been dethroned. This mouse is so impressive!!

    Although die-hard Logitech fans will say that the G5 set the stage for many that came after it. That is also true.

  3. stalin1g says:

    bimmerboy79, the logitech g5 was dethroned before it even hit the market. First gen lasers were horrible for gaming. the mx518, mx500, mx 300, g1 and every Razer optical mouse all clearly outperform the g5 in terms of precision and clipping speeds…

    There is a site and they have benchmarks for mice. The methodology is listed in the pages before the one I sent.

    You should do some research before making uneducated comments. First gen lasers were not suitable for gaming, except for very casual. It did nothing except maybe introduce weights and make a lot of innocent people waste their hard earned cash.

    This mouse looks awesome as it is comparably inexpensive for all the features it offers and is built by a reputable company. Thank you for the review. P.S. people actually like sideways scrolling?

  4. Leon Hyman says:

    Good points there stalin1g.

    Some persons like horizontal scrolling but I think that it is more of an asset to those with smaller resolutions. With larger resolutions, there is really little or no need for it.

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