EVERCOOL Buffalo and Transformer 4 – Preview

Central Processing Units, or CPUs for short, have not always needed extravagant cooling. However, with the advent of overclocking and the need to squeeze out every last drop of performance, we pay a price. That price is the additional heat generated from our processors and the need for better cooling. CPU cooling is a very important part of any setup. Most enthusiasts agree that stock cooling just isn’t good enough for overclocking your CPU.  There are a wealth of aftermarket options available today and I will be previewing two from EverCool.

Buff thumb EVERCOOL Buffalo and Transformer 4   Preview

The Evercool Buffalo and the Transformer 4 CPU coolers are seeking to lead the charge, in their respective price categories, for best CPU air cooler.

Trans4 thumb EVERCOOL Buffalo and Transformer 4   Preview

I was unable to test the performance of these units. The Buffalo couldn’t get installed because the cooler assembly ended up with a latching pin broken in transit. The Transformer 4 on the other hand, just would not fit my motherboard (in any orientation) because of the board’s large heatsinks on the North Bridge and the power circuitry, which are located around the CPU socket. This is something that anyone considering ANY aftermarket heatsink should be sure to check out. Ask yourself, “Will it fit?”

On a positive note though, these coolers (which are similar to some I’ve worked with before) are solidly constructed and boast efficient designs. It would be easy for one to expect good performance from them.

Here is a little bit about EVERCOOL.

About Evercool

logo EVERCOOL Buffalo and Transformer 4   Preview

EVERCOOL Thermal Corporation Ltd. is a company based in Taipei, Taiwan that currently employs 1,200 persons. Established in 1992, they are driven by their 5-step mission objective.

  1. Innovative Research & Development
  2. Insist on the Best Quality
  3. Equipment Integrity
  4. Cost competition
  5. Delivery on Time

So let’s have a look at their products being featured here.


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