Furmark updated to 1.7.0, brings many new features

One of the most brutal stress tests for a video card, the Furmark has been updated to version 1.7.0.

DOWNLOAD: Furmark 1.7.0

Read on to find out what’s new.

furmark-170-02Furmark is now able to connect with GPU-Z to display stats like Core and Memory clocks, temperature etc.

Now the settings of Furmark are saved on exit. The ability to display temperature graphs for each GPU in a multi-GPU setup is added to this release.

Here is the complete changelog:

  • New: FurMark is now able to get detailed data from GPU-Z (if GPU-Z is running). In both Stability Test mode,
    GPU-Z is used to display additional information (GPU core clock, memory clock, GPU temperature and power consumption).
    In Benchmarking mode, GPU-Z is used to retrieve GPU core clock, memory clock, VDDC and VDDC current. Some data (like
    VDDC and VDDC current) is only available on some graphics cards (like the GeForce GTX 280).
  • New: In Benchmarking mode, you can now send your score to your Twitter account (this gadget is experimental).
  • New: the main GUI is now always available so you can fire up several tests without the need to start again the application.
  • New: main GUI (graphical user interface) settings are now saved and are re-used. Thanks to W1zzard for the idea ;)
  • New: in Stability Test mode, each GPU has now its own temperature graph.
  • New: in Stability Test mode, you can enable/disable the display of information the I key.
  • New: in Stability Test mode, you can enable/disable the fur rendering with the SPACE key. Thanks to David Legrand for the idea.
  • New: added new standard resolutions: 800×600 and 1920×1080.
  • New: added new interface translations:
    - castilian (thanks to LordIntel)
    - bulgarian (thanks to fellix)
    - polish (thanks to rogalik)
    - slovak (thanks to ufo and Peter H.)
    - spanish (thanks to tech4pcs)
  • Change: main startup GUI reorganization.
  • Change: improved OpenGL rendering context creation.
  • Change: log file renamed to FurMark_xxx.log
  • Bugfix: GPU min temperature in temperature graph is now correctly updated.
  • Bugfix: in multithreading management.

Source: Geek3D

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