Genius X-G510 Optical Gaming Mouse Review

image thumb14 Genius X G510 Optical Gaming Mouse Review


Although the company behind Genius was established 30 years ago in Taiwan, it wasn’t until recently that they began to try to establish themselves in America.

With almost over 30 years in the field they should have the experience to bring some quality products to the table.

Having reviewed a couple of products from Genius already, we have always been surprised and excited for what they might introduce next.

The Genius X-G510 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse was announced back in April as a gaming mouse for everyone including the often left out left-handed PC gamers.

The Genius X-G510 doesn’t fail to impress because of it’s ambidextrous focus and qualities either, instead they make the mouse better to use. The X-G510 weighs has 30 grams of built-in weight and also offers rubberized coating for a sure grip, on-the-fly adjustable DPI, fast response time of 1ms, “lightning” LED design surface, and more.

Amazon and other retailers have the mouse priced at about $29.99.

The specs list is below:


Os Support

Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP


Available USB Port


Six (left, right, middle button with scroll, Last /Next page /DPI level)


500-2000 dpi

Hyper Speed Scroll


Light System

User defined light system


System Requirements

CPU: Intel/AMD CPU 1GHz and above
RAM size: 2G and above
Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP
Available USB Port

Before we have a closer look at the mouse lets open up the box.


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