Introducing the GTX 570 – the GTX 480’s Performance at $349

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  1. El_Member says:

    Amazing GPU! now I wish I didn’t get a GTX 480 :(
    Oh well, this one will keep me satisfied till 2013 at least.

  2. Boooo Fox says:

    This is another kick-ass review.. 23 games covered with practical settings/resolutions that an enthusiast gamer would choose with the card is by far the biggest number of games covered in a benchmark review. It is so far ahead of the next hardware review website, that comes up at 2nd place with 16 games. That’s why I love AlienBabelTech!!

  3. zaeem ul hassan says:

    plz ABT do a gtx 570 sli review plz.

  4. apoppin says:


    I’d love to do a GTX 570 SLI review. It will depend on getting another GTX 570 for review. I am scheduled to do a CrossFire-X review versus SLI for early next year. So far, GTS 450, GTX 460 and GTS 480 will represent SLI and we will have HD 5780 and HD 6000 series.

  5. AT says:

    Rubbish review….don’t bench OC’d cards vs stock ones, the stock ones can be OC’d as well. I know my GTX 480 hits over 900 core which nets me about 20% in most benchmarks….stock vs stock or max oc vs max oc, not stock vs oc as that is stupid.

  6. apoppin says:

    ALL of the cards are all benched at stocked versus stock speeds. In this case – beside the stock GTX 570 – the overclocked GTX 570 is included as an ‘extra’ to show its framerate scaling with increased clockspeeds since this particular review is all about the GTX 570. In earlier evaluations we covered overclocking the GTX 480 and in each review we overclock our target card in addition to showing it at its stock clocks.

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