Mystery ‘X2′ Video Card from AMD

Last week we brought you the images of ATI’s upcoming dual GPU on a PCB video card called the HD 5970 (or more loosely the HD 5870-X2) which uses two RV 870 GPUs on one PCB. Today we are bringing you the pictures of another dual GPU on a PCB video card; supposedly this is the HD 5950 (or more loosely the HD 5850-X2).

DJ tells us that according to GPU-Z, the GPUs used in this card consist of 1440 stream processors just like the GPU used in the HD 5850. Along with the pictures, DJ sends his regards.

5850x2c thumb Mystery X2 Video Card from AMD 5850x2a thumb Mystery X2 Video Card from AMD

The HD 5950 above is compared to the HD 5870 which measures 11.1 inches. We are told that the HD 5950 measures 12 inches in length.  You can see that this card also uses one 8-pin connector and one 6-pin connector just like the HD 5970 we posted about last week.

5850x2b thumb Mystery X2 Video Card from AMD

Seen above is the HD 5950 on the right, showing us its three video outputs. Two DVI and one mini-Display Port can be seen on the PCI bracket.

We really don’t know what this card is.  It could be an engineering sample that may never see the light of day as AMD has very strongly denied the existence of “5850-X2″ when we contacted them about this card.

However, we are dedicated to bringing you the very latest news as it arrives.  Our other sources tell us that the NDA on HD 5970 (5870-X2) expires on the 19th of November.  We also know that AMD will be handpicking Cypress chips for their HD 5870-XTX which is due in Q1.  Expect a big surprise from AMD, also in Q1.

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