nVidia 400 Series Image Quality Analysis

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  1. Carlo33 says:

    A very Good article, but they have forgotten, you can mix also the old Hybrid 8xS,8xSQ,16xS,32xS with 2x,4 x or 8xSGSSAA and get even Higher Image Quality.

  2. BFG10K says:

    Yes, you can combine SGSSAA with any mode that has a multi-sampling component, but it’s simply not feasible for me to test all of the possible combinations.

    Also modes like 8xSQ and 12xS don’t make sense to be used.

  3. Carlo33 says:

    Here All Modis:

    You can mix proportion SGSSAA always with the share of MSAA. 4xSGSSAA works with 8xSQ because it has only 2xMSAA, because 2xSGSSAA goes up

    8xSQ have 2xMSAA and can 2xSGSSAA
    8xS/16xS have 4xMSAA and you can 4xSGSSAA and 2xSGSSAA
    32xS have 8xMSAA and you can 2x,4x and 8xSGSSAA

    32xS with 8xSGSSAA = 32xSGSSAA :)

    Sorry for my bad English.

  4. BFG10K says:

    That’s a nice chart. :)

    4xSSAA won’t work with 8xSQ because the former only has a 2xMSAA component. It’ll work with 8xS however.

    Also 32xCSAA doesn’t have an EER of 32×32, because some of the samples line up.

  5. Carlo33 says:

    I think Coverage Samples can do not mix. What good is the automatic LOD Bias with Hybrid+SGSSAA shift, hopefully NVIDIA will assemble a LOD Tweak for the pure SGSSAA modes, I’ve already tried to ask NVIDIA, but so far without success.

  6. Googler says:

    Hi BFG10K

    Thanks for this review, very informative.

    I need your help on something. How did you enable SSAA in Crysis ?

    Using nvidiainspector and either enhance or override I cannot get it to apply AA settings in game. I’ve been trying to get 2×2 SSAA working to no avail.

    I can’t manage to get any AA settings to work via NV control panel or using nv inspector.

    Thanks in advance if you can help.

  7. BFG10K says:

    Hi Googler, “override” doesn’t work in Crysis, and neither does “enhance” if you’re using DX10 (the latter seems to be a driver bug).

    Also the old modes like 2×2 are DX9 only, and probably won’t work in Crysis DX9 even with “enhance”.

    To enable SSAA in Crysis, you need to use “application” and then set the AA in-game. Then use nVidia inspector to set an RGSS/SGSS mode. If you have an 8000/9000/200 part, you’ll also have to run Crysis under DX9 to make this work.

  8. Sebek says:

    Which tool do you use to change lod bias with ssgs, nhancer does not work anymore?

  9. BFG10K says:

    Sebek, I didn’t adjust the LOD in this article. While nHancer doesn’t work at this time, I have no reason to suspect the functionality has been removed from the driver.

  10. ysondurr says:

    I think I read somewhere Nvidia said it has no plans to support LOD for SGSAA.


    I think a nice and detailed AA guide would look rather good on Alienbabeltech.

  11. BFG10K says:

    ysondurr, a detailed AA guide has already been done. Check the links at the start of this article. It’s an ongoing job so it spans multiple articles.

  12. ysondurr says:

    I pay attention to this site, so I know about those articles.
    Want to see more indepth, because I know you have it in you :)

    There’s like one or two site on the whole internet for image aficionados and they are all on freaking German!

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