Nvidia Considers using GDDR5 memory on GT214 chip

Browsing around on Beyond3D forums, we came across a post by a forum member named AnarchX, who posted a link to Mr. Zhenggang Chang’s  profile on the Linked In network.

According to his profile, Mr. Zhenggang Chang is a Senior Signal Integrity Hardware Engineer at NVIDIA and he “Created package/board design guides and decap solutions for BR04, G84P, and G96; currently responsible for GT214”. He also did framebuffer simulations with GDDR5 for G96 and GT214 chips.

G96 was the codename for chip that was used in 9500GT cards. GT214 is the codename for an upcoming chip from Nvidia, which should be a mainstream chip based on GT200 architecture which powered cards such as GTX280 and GTX260. We  expect it to be a mainstream chip as Mr. Zhenggang Chang has workied on mainstream chips earlier and  it makes sense to try out new technology on low-end mainstream cards before using the technology in High-end chips to counter any incompatibilities.

Here are screens of the profile, in case it gets taken down.

11 Nvidia Considers using GDDR5 memory on GT214 chip

21 Nvidia Considers using GDDR5 memory on GT214 chip

6 Responses

  1. chinalion says:

    please take this off. The info is not correct.

  2. chinalion says:

    karan, I will highly appreciate, if you could take this off. This info is not correct.

  3. apoppin says:

    interesting news. Karan did take this down for several days in the hope that Mr. Cheng would point out what was not factual. We also note that his profile was taken down

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