nVidia GeForce GT200 Series Anti-Aliasing Investigation

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  1. N1m says:

    I run 2560×1600 with 2 gtx280’s and something very noticable was how much smoother all games run with AA (all in game no need for Nvidia control panel) when I upgraded from Vista 64 to Win 7 64. Games like Crysis and COH at 2560×1600 everything maxed with 8xcsa wouldnt even render a frame with Vista, after upgrade to WIN 7 64, COH and Crysis run 16x NP, (Cryis with low FPS obviously) SLI 285’s and 280’s Win7 is the way to go.

  2. BFG10K says:

    Yes, Windows 7 handles SLI/CF better than Vista.

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