NVIDIA’s DirectX 11 Architecture: GF100 (Fermi) In Detail

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  1. derp says:

    ati status
    [told] x

  2. tractor says:

    benchmarks? none?

  3. apoppin says:

    Benchmarks in a review of brand new GPU architecture!?!
    – when have you seen that before?

    We expect to have benchmarks vs. GTX 285 and vs. Radeon when we get the actual cards.

    I noticed that you mentioned “time check”. These comments must be approved manually; sorry for any delay.

  4. TTimmy says:

    I thought you guys guys were gonna post something substantial, not this rehash. NDA my ass…

  5. Leon Hyman says:

    This is what they gave us TTimmy. It is not like other sites got anything different and we got garbage.

    However, I do understand that this is not what you all wanted to see. We also wanted to see some more definitive information such as benchmark numbers, clock speeds, release date and pricing but…ABT isn’t releasing a video card (yet), they are.

  6. apoppin says:

    I wouldn’t call what we posted, a “rehash”. What has happened with this progressive revelation, always happens with new architecture – no matter who releases it, AMD, NVIDIA or Intel. First you get the general information about upcoming architecture, then more and more information is released until it goes into production.

    Much of the information about Fermi’s GeForce in our article is brand new information about Fermi’s gaming capabilities. Much of what we wrote about was not disclosed anywhere previously. There is a lot more to add since we wrote about Fermi’s computing architecture last year.

    As I understand it, only the devs would have engineering samples of GF100. That means NVIDIA’s partners would not have them nor would any tech review site. There are no fixed clocks, nothing about power consumption nor thermals – and certainly no solid performance benchmarks other than what NVIDIA did internally. Not yet.

  7. Uelmo says:

    I hope Nvidia release a decent mid range $300 Fermi GPU.

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