Official AMD Phenom II X6 6-Core CPU Prices revealed

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  1. Super XP says:

    AMD may not be able to fully compete on raw CPU performance through various benchmarking utilities. But when it comes to real world gaming performance, current AMD CPU’s are a mix of equal or slightly less performance vs. Intel’s offerings and still offer phenomenal price/performance. Games such as Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 offer better performance in multi-core CPU’s so 6-core CPU’s are going to benefit.

    Love the new hardware, but the software needs to catch up and fast.

    125W for a 6-Core CPU, not bad at all. AMD’s done there homework especially at 3.20 GHz.
    What I look forward to is for the upcoming AMD Phemom II X4 975 @ 3.60 GHz Black Edition’s price/performance. This one along with the upcoming X6’s should hopefully be enough to keep up with Intel’s current price/performance offerings just until AMD Bulldozer’s the competition in 2011. lol

    Phenom II x6 RoadMaps:

  2. YouAreDealingWithDickinson! says:

    “Love the new hardware, but the software needs to catch up and fast.”
    Here, here, this is starting to get a little silly.

    The Thubans look reasonable and should beat out the core i7 930/940 but for someone like me with a phenom 2 X4, they make little sense so i’ll be waiting for bulldozer of possibly “sandy bridge”. In all honesty though AMD need to stop dicking around with K10.5 and release bulldozer with quad channel memory ASAP.

  3. Install Gentoo says:

    It isn’t possible to release something before it’s ready and in production.

    Buldozer is something completely new, and it takes a lot of thinking from bright people to come up with something like it.

  4. Dick says:

    It is a real pity that AMD did not catch on with the mainstream crowd. Their processors are actually better than the Intel ones but they are just not marketed all that well. They get too technical about it and nobody understands the benefits.

  5. Zana Bevel says:

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  6. Coleman Clopp says:

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  7. tonett says:

    I’m always a big fan of AMD technology, I heard about this 6 core. But I think this will be a blast to everyone who love AMD technology like myself

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