Overclocking Galaxy’s GTX 750 Ti GC Slim without Limits

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  1. jeff says:

    I cant find this card anywhere? Is it off market?

  2. jeff says:

    hey Apoppin,

    im looking for a low profile card for my htpc/mame/steambox rig. The issue is its only a 240watt power supply so this may not be the right card. The system only sucks 65watts right now so this card at 60 watts should be fine for the supply yeah?

  3. apoppin says:

    It should be OK if your PSU really does supply 240W

    If you want detailed answers for your questions, consider asking this question on ABT’s forum and post detailed specs of your system

  4. maxim says:

    I overclocked that card at +195 core clock and +600 for the memory. So far it looks quite stable. In terms of increasing the core clock, it seems that even a higher value might be possible, but I guess a voltage increase could be necessary.
    BTW, I mounted two 60mm fans instead of the stock fan an the temps hardly reach 70 degrees.

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