PowerColor R9 290X OC vs GTX 780 Ti – the overclocking gloves come off!

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  1. Tsakir Pan says:

    What is the clock of the GTX780 OC? (not the Ti).

  2. apoppin says:

    The offset was +150MHz core/+550MHz memory. Maximum Boost was 1162MHz

    “Overclocking the EVGA GTX 780 is just as easy as overclocking the rest
    of the GTX 700 series using PrecisionX. What is not too surprising is
    that we were only able to overclock +25MHz past our maximum overclock of
    the original reference GTX 780 we received from Nvidia a few months
    ago. We managed +150MHz on the core and +550MHz on the memory to reach a
    maximum Boost of 1162, well above Nvidia’s guaranteed Boost of 900MHz.”

  3. Tsakir Pan says:


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