The Battle of the Betas: Catalyst 12-11 vs. GeForce 310.33 – HD 7970 GHz vs GTX 680 revisited

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  1. FullHD-fan says:

    I wonder what would the results be on same setup but 1080p…

  2. AlienBabelTech_1 says:

    Much the same. 1920×1200 is only slighty more demanding than 1920×1080.

  3. Neferites says:

    Max paye 2 –> 42FPS with an expensive Graphical card ? What’s about the 3 ^^

  4. Drizzy says:

    kinda misleading with the 7970 just being overclocked to GE specs. Though the lack of Boost just makes using a non GE a bad idea when comparing the two. Flash the 7970 with a GE bios so you can get turbo boost working. Pretty sure the GE will win in even more game with that.

  5. apoppin says:

    GHz editions are clocked at 1000MHz with a +50MHz boost. The ABT PowerColor Radeon was overclocked to 1050MHz which would mean in a comparable GHz edition, boost would be working all of the time. If anything, we might have given a slight advantage to the AMD card.

  6. andrewi says:

    At 2560×1600 you’re expected to have SLi/Crossfire really. That’s 4x the pixels of 1080p

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