A Look at the Resident Evil 5 PC Benchmark

Capcom recently announced that the PC version of Resident Evil 5 will arrive on September 15 on American shores, while the Europeans will have to wait until September 18 to start the zombie killing. The PC version will have some new content compared to the console versions including, “new costumes and a new and improved mercenaries mode with three times as many enemies.”

This game features support for Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision glasses. According to Capcom, RE5 will also be the first PC game to include support for “Stereoscopic 3D in all of its cut scenes.”

A 3D Vision Benchmark has been made available at nzone website for those of you looking to try out 3D Vision before the game ships. You can still run the benchmark even if you don’t have Nvidia’s 3D Vision Hardware, but you won’t be able to enjoy the 3D Vision effects.

ARTICLE NOTES: Since I don’t have the GeForce 3D Vision hardware, I ran the game in standard DX10 mode. I decided to give the benchmark a try and see for myself how the game looked. This article is mainly a look at the benchmark itself and less of a performance review. Thus, I’ll add the results of benchmark tests on my GTS 250 for an indication of how well the game runs. For your viewing pleasure, I recorded the benchmark videos with FRAPS at 1920×1200 resolution and uploaded them to Youtube and Blip. Since Youtube will resize the video to 1280×720, some of the quality will be lost. If you want to watch higher quality video, feel free to use the Blip video embedded on this page. The blip video runs at a resolution of 1920×1080 and 3600 Kbps stream for the first video and 5 MBps for the second video and should only be used by users with a powerful CPU and a high-speed internet connection. Also you will notice that in the video, the benchmark reports the FPS as 25. This is because FRAPS was recording the video at this framerate.



DX9 vs DX 10 Comparison

I also made a video to compare the visuals between DX9 and DX10. The video is slowed down to 50% of its original speed for you to be able to better spot the differences. I couldn’t find a difference between the two, other than the zombies have different skin tones and different colored clothes. As usual, watch in Youtune HD below, and if you want even more quality, watch the 1920×1080 5Mbps Full-HD stream on Blip. As a reminder, please remember that you need a powerful CPU and a fast connection to watch the Blip.tv stream.



Now let’s see some results of the real world test on the following test system:


Fixed Benchmark


Variable Benchmark


It looks like Resident Evil 5 will be easily playable on the last generation of video cards at full-HD resolution.

If you like my work, drop a line in the forum. Any comments are appreciated.

P.S. -I left an easter egg in the article, see if you can spot it. :mrgreen:

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