Motorola Shadow Spotted in the wild, get your 4”+ Screen phone on Verizon!

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  1. ijat says:

    Motorola shadow support GSM??

  2. MrK says:

    For now it is Verizon CDMA. But the underlying hardware can be made to work on GSM like the Droid has a GSM counterpart called the Milestone. I would expect Motorola to make a GSM version of the Shadow for sale in the rest of the world.

  3. Electrofreak says:

    Very cool, MrK!

    This might be something I need to aim one of my next articles for ABT at :)

    I’ve already had to correct on their statement that the 720p video recording capability is due to the SGX530 GPU… which as we both know has everything to do with 2D and 3D application graphics processing, not video recording. You would hope that a website that specializes in mobile device news would have a basic understanding of such things, but I guess not.

    The current Droid has an SGX530 as well, but the 45 nm feature scale of the Shadow could allow that SGX530 to be nearly doubled in clock speed. Addition of LPDDR2 memory would remove the limiting factor that memory bandwidth plays on the GPU in the current Droid, producing the 80% increase in performance in the Shadow that you reference.

    Good reporting :)

  4. Electrofreak says:

    Correction, you made no such claim to the 80% performance increase in the Shadow; I don’t mean to put words in your mouth.

    We both know that mobile manufacturers often downclock their SoCs for better battery performance, as demonstrated by the Droid. But you make an excellent point at demonstrating the capability in the SoC. :)

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