Visiontek ATI Radeon HD 5670 Review: In pursuit of 1GHz

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  1. askr says:

    Which software did you use for overclockin? the catalyst center goes only till 850/1050. Nice review.

  2. MrK says:

    I used MSI Afterburner, and enabled Unofficial overclocking in the ini file for it. The picture of the overclock can be found on page 4.

  3. shrtmn13 says:

    MrK, where is the ini file for this and when there, how do you enable unofficial overclocking?

  4. MrK says:

    @shrtmn13 Open the MSI Afterburner.cfg with Notepad. It is located in the folder where MSI Afterburner is installed.

  5. Bleh says:

    This is not a mid range card, I have it as well. Its a low spec card with a shitty cooler. If there were some way to replace its cooler it could be worth calling mid range. I have the sapphire version and the fan at full load sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

    Ideas would be nice 😛

  6. Bleh says:

    Never mind my original post I just bought an AMD x6 now the whole thing sounds like a Hoover :)

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