Visiontek ATI Radeon HD 5670 Review: In pursuit of 1GHz

Front Page1 Visiontek ATI Radeon HD 5670 Review: In pursuit of 1GHz

When AMD launched its highly anticipated DX11 supporting HD 5800 series in September last year, it had the advantage of being first with DX11 parts to the market. In the GPU business, being first to the market with parts based on a new generation of DirectX is critical. AMD got the timing of the launch of their DX11 parts perfectly as Microsoft released Windows 7 in October which included DirectX 11. Nvidia launched their first DX11 parts in March this year, giving AMD a 6 month head start which AMD took full advantage of as they reported very good numbers on the number of HD 5000 cards sold.

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The video card that I’m testing today is the HD 5670, which was launched at the magical $99 price point. As evident from the above slide, AMD knows that 66% of their video card sales are in the less than $100 segment. Therefore it is very critical to have a good performing GPU placed where the competition is fierce and profit margins are thin. Remember that last year AMD launched another video card, the HD 4770, that brought amazing performance to this price point.

The HD 5670 will be looking to offer a mix of DirectX 11 and amazing performance at this $99 price point. Today’s review sample was sent to us by Visiontek. This video card uses a custom cooler rather than the reference HD 5670 cooler. This should, in theory, provide better temperatures and as a result, overclock higher. Here’s the surprise, I was able to overclock this video card to over 1 GHz on the core clock which is a very impressive feat for a mid-range card.

visiontek logo Visiontek ATI Radeon HD 5670 Review: In pursuit of 1GHz

About VisionTek

VisionTek is a supplier of PC enhancement products to retailers and consumers. Based out of Inverness, Ilinois, VisionTek’s product portfolio includes graphic cards, PC TV Tuners, NICs, power supplies and other PC peripherals. They are most well-known for being an ATI partner offering a lineup of Radeon video cards. They are also one of the few manufacturers to offer lifetime warranties on their video cards. The information about VisionTek products is available at


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6 Responses

  1. askr says:

    Which software did you use for overclockin? the catalyst center goes only till 850/1050. Nice review.

  2. MrK says:

    I used MSI Afterburner, and enabled Unofficial overclocking in the ini file for it. The picture of the overclock can be found on page 4.

  3. shrtmn13 says:

    MrK, where is the ini file for this and when there, how do you enable unofficial overclocking?

  4. MrK says:

    @shrtmn13 Open the MSI Afterburner.cfg with Notepad. It is located in the folder where MSI Afterburner is installed.

  5. Bleh says:

    This is not a mid range card, I have it as well. Its a low spec card with a shitty cooler. If there were some way to replace its cooler it could be worth calling mid range. I have the sapphire version and the fan at full load sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

    Ideas would be nice :P

  6. Bleh says:

    Never mind my original post I just bought an AMD x6 now the whole thing sounds like a Hoover :)

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