Testing the Tests – CPU Stability

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  1. Lord Xeb from OCN says:

    Um…. Your testing of OCCT was not very thorough… You should have tested on both small and large data sets. Large is easiest to pass while small is not.

  2. MalXenos says:

    Think I might have to pull out IBT and see how it runs on my 955. Can’t say I ever ran it, but between Prime95 and OCCT it took a rather long time for each test before moving on.

    Fully agree on reliable and expected. If I turn on my computer overclocked; never have an issue but one test some where fails causing a BSOD; I just move on, since if its playing all the games I play with no issue’s and doesn’t randomly crash then it working well :)

  3. @ Lord XeB
    I realize your comment on the OCCT test not being very thorough. I agree that OCCT could probably be as sensitive as IBT was, but OCCT was very unclear on which test to use. A good addition to OCCT would be a clear definition of each test. Test Mode Small Data Set nets you “The test wont touch the RAM.” You can conclude two things from this:
    1) Best test for CPU since it focuses only on this
    2) Is as effective on the CPU as the other two, but doesn’t test the RAM

    All 3 tests did eventually fail – but as my conclusion suggests, IBT did it the fastest. In fact, the amount of time it took for both OCCT and Prime95 to fail was greater than the time it took me to run 1 loop of IBT at 191-194. It doesn’t make the program better, but it does make it the fastest.

  4. @ Micheal Turner

    I completely agree. I am a (in)famous OCer over at OCN (mostly because I have habit of destroying graphics cards D:), but I am VERY thorough with my stress testing. If it an overclock does not pass 24 hours of prime (to be deemed 24/7 stable) and 50 runs of LinX (AKA a better GUI’ed version of LinX) with max memory (only works with 64-bit systems) I do not deem it stable. <.< Little ruthless on my poor Q6600 but I do not stand for system instability either.

    Anywho, very nice guide BTW. And I do agree with you on OCCT. It does need to be clearer, but for reference, P95 during default stress testing is set at small data set (or small fft or whatever they are called).

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