True Identity of iPad’s A4 Processor Revealed ?

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  1. Electrofreak says:

    The irony is that I don’t think that any of the commenters on GeoHot’s blog have actually realized this minor detail.

  2. Statix says:

    It’s just another big iPod Touch.

    Too much hype just because its Apple product and most of people who buy iPad don’t know about this fact.

  3. LegionZ says:


    they realize it, believe it or not. Apple just does a great job marketing their products, so you see it everywhere.

    From the forums i visit, and the people i talk to, they all realize its just an upsized iPhone.

    It’s the inital AWE factor that it has when apple releases something. I’m waiting for a Full OS like Windows 7 or similiar…

  4. annuaire gratuit says:

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