GTX 770 4GB vs 2GB Showdown

This very specific GTX 770 4GB versus GTX 770 2GB comparison is a follow up to our EVGA GTX 770 4GB review last week. It attempts to demonstrate the performance differences between a 4GB GTX 770 and a GTX 770 with 2GB at resolutions of 1920×1080, 2560×1600 and 5760×1080. We are going to compare two GTX 770′s clocked the same, and identical in every respect, except that one is equipped with 2GB whereas the other has 4GB of GDDR5.  EVGA GTX 770 SC 4GB - Nvidia GTX 770Above are pictured the EVGA GTX 770 that comes equipped with 4GB and the reference GTX 770 that comes standard equipped with 2GB. Both GTX 770s use the same GPU, and when clocks are set similarly, the performance is effectively identical as long as the framebuffer of the 2GB card is not exceeded.

EVGA GTX 770 4GB vs Nvidia GTX 770 2GB benchmarked

This particular evaluation is designed to compare 4GB vRAM versus 2GB.  Since we do not want any chance of our CPU “bottlenecking” our graphics, we are testing our two graphics cards by using our Ivy Bridge Intel Core i7-3770K at 4.50GHz, 16GB Kingston “Beast” HyperX DDR3 at 2133MHz, and an EVGA Z77 FTW motherboard. The Core i7-3770K at 4.5GHz is more than enough to differentiate even high-end video cards at high resolution and at high detail settings.

The EVGA Z77 FTW motherboard features 16x + 16x PCIe 3.0 specification for CrossFire/SLI which we will test in the next article covering GTX 770 SLI as we have just received a 2GB GTX 770 Hall of Fame edition from Galaxy for evaluation. EVGA GTX 770 SC 4GB Box Unfortunately,  we were unable to SLI our 4GB EVGA GTX 770 with the 2GB reference GTX 770 even using Coolbits, and we did not want to use older (modded) drivers.

EVGA GTX 770 SC - Box

The EVGA GTX 770 SC uses the same PCB as the reference version, but we note that it uses double capacity GDDR5 modules totaling 4GB instead of the standard 2GB. PCB of GTX 770 SC 4GB and Nvidia GTX 770 2GBThere is one interesting thing that we did not cover in our original evaluation of the EVGA GTX 770 SC.  It has a dual-BIOS switch.  BIOS-switchWe can’t wait to test out two GTX 770s against each other, but before we begin the testing, head over to our testing configuration.


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  • OSC

    I wonder if the 4gb might have a more pronounced advantage when it comes to the Oculus Rift?

  • Bob

    Oculus Rift is 1080p (half that resolution per eye) on the current HD version…sooo doubt it? Maybe when they make a higher res version

  • Brushrop03

    This was great. Almost time for BF4 and I was wondering if it would be a big difference. Looks like at 1920/2560 these two guys are on par.

  • Jevgenius

    I realy hope it’s no deference more than one fps in BF4, because I just buy today new 770 with 2GB video memory. :

  • Travis Pendell

    So you dont need more than 2 gb… except on those games that having 4 gb’s in sli will make unplayable games, playable…You kinda skim over that pretty quick.

    I know that on Crysis 3 I have seen it idle at over 2000 mb’s at 1080p. I doubt Its going to be long before it will go over 2048 mb’s, even at 1080p…

  • Travis Pendell

    I should say that I have the 4 gb evga ftw 760′s. I went with 4 gb versions because I am going to be picking up a couple more monitors and game at 5760 x 1080 at some point.

  • Brushrop03

    1 FPS wouldn’t be noticeable anyway.

  • Igor

    Indeed for only one monitor, and btw, most of them are 1920×1080, there’s no need in hell to choose the 4gb version. Unless you’re an enthusiast… but them you’d go for a better vga, like 790 when it comes out.

  • 1BassJohn .

    I’ve been gaming with guys on the BF4 beta who have the 770.. and it eats it for breakfast :) I wouldn’t worry about a thing!

  • Sam

    I don’t think it was at 1080 2 months ago. Just a goal. Pretty sure it was only 480 720

  • The J Shep

    I got the 4gb version only because I was able to get it for $6 more than the 2gb. $6 is worth bragging rights alone.

  • nashathedog

    What about people who mod there games with high res textures and do pass 2gb’s of ram at 1080p? I do and I no longer get the issues it caused since upping my vram, this review doesn’t cover all the bases and for that reason it isn’t a very good review in my opinion. Sorry, I realise it’s a few months old now but i was passing 2gb’s when modded a year ago, And now if Battlefield 4 does in fact hit 2gb’s as claimed (I haven’t tested that myself) then this is already outdated and inaccurate and giving bad advice. I know you say how you don’t take possible future changes into account in the review but it’s not a possible change it’s something that is guaranteed and the industry knows and accepts that, Thumbs down. :(

  • Antares16M26

    it also uses stereoscopic 3D which means it will render the frame twice. i went with 770 4gb and in some games it does go over 2gb and still at a playable frame rate.

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  • Shahriyar

    Please check GTAIV too. It’s the most memory consumer game that i know.

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  • dave

    How are you going to do this comparison without posting minimum frame rates…that is where you will see the difference. Check out anandtech or toms hardware for people that actually know what they are talking about.

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  • herathrig

    You should revisit vram in the future with newer games like watch dogs, bf4, star citizen and maybe gta5, if ever it comes out on the pc. I think it would be also nice to test it with the future direct x 12 once its out.